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Saturday 11 October 2008

WatchFTP 1.0.7 beta

monitor ftp sites for new files and download them

We just released a new beta version of our WatchFTP program. This new version has mostly minor fixes/features for its Email action. We hope to release version 1.0.7 about a week from now.

New in WatchFTP v1.0.7

  • The SMTP settings window can now send a Test email.
  • When sending email fails, the error that occurred will be written to the task directory. Previously only the email was saved as an EML file.
  • When a task has sent an email, it will also look for previously failed emails and retry them.
  • Emails now have a proper X-Mailer header set. See below for possible use.
  • The Browse-for-FTP-directory window, started by the FTP settings window, did not use the originally entered FTP directory as initial directory.
  • The helpfiles were changed to make them better compatible with Internet Explorer 6.

Using the X-Mailer header line

This new WatchFTP version will write a special header line in all outgoing emails. This header line looks like this:


(where TASKNAME is replaced by the name of the sending task).
Most email clients can filter incoming messages based on these header lines. This new WatchFTP feature, for example, allows you to sort these email messages into special folders or highlight them in a special way. See the documentation of your email client how to set this up.

Download WatchFTP 1.0.7

Version 1.0.7 has been released.

Install it in the same directory as your current install so it will keep your settings and tasks.

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