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Thursday 12 November 2009

File Viking - beta 2

The beta for our new File Viking (Drag & Drop File Processor) started last week. The first bugs were found and quickly fixed.

For those who tried beta 1..... Did you find "Settings -> Options -> Move Baskets shortcut"?
For example, use CTRL+SHIFT+/ to "move them". See vikings dancing on your screen - press the shortcut to move those baskets out of the way (quickly press again and again to have some fun!)

New Beta Version

The new beta release adds ZIP support... Drag & drop files on an icon floating above your desktop and they are zipped to
Missing directories are automatically created. Yes, {yyyy} is replaced by 2009.

New: 64 Bit downloads are available.
New: When a basket is processing the files you've dropped on it, it will show you a progress indicator.
Fixed: Crash when repeatedly closing an empty "configure basket" window (Thank you for reporting, Dees).
Fixed: Tooltips on Windows XP (and probably other compatibility issues on XP and Win2000).

Do you want to help Beta Testing

Send me an email (support at fileviking dot com).


Below are some mockups Nataly made for File Viking (click for a larger version). I wish I could link to her website, but I don't think she has one yet. Anyway, don't you agree even the mockups look great? Do we really need 64mln "True Color" pictures? Personally, I like this charcoal style. But sure, full color images will be added.

These are exciting days! Expect File Viking early 2010, we will add a lot more features for you before we release!!