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Friday 10 October 2008

An Add-On to an Add-on

A few days ago, we released a new version of WdNotify, see this blogpost. One of our customers wanted a program to send messages to wdNotify from inside his batch scripts. That would allow him to see the progress of long-running batch files.


wdTraySender is a simple command-line program you can start from inside your batch files. It sends a message to wdNotify (if it is running, otherwise no harm is done), and wdNotify will show the message on your desktop. How wdNotify shows the message depends on how you configure wdNotify. Currently wdNotify supports OSD (On Screen Display), Balloon tips and a message window.

wdTraySender has 2 parameters:

  • Task name
  • Message text

The first parameter (Task Name) could be the name of one of your WatchDirectory tasks, however anything will do. The second parameter is the message to send. All further parameters are ignored. Make sure to enclose both parameters in "quotes", especially if they can contain spaces.

Example batch script

@echo off
SET TRAY=C:\Program Files\WatchDirectory\wdTraySender.exe

"%TRAY%" "My Example" "script started"
.... some lengty processing ...
"%TRAY%" "My Example" "script ready"

Download wdTraySender

Important Note: wdTraySender can only send messages to wdNotify version 1.3 or higher. wdNotify 1.3 was released a few days ago. Download the latest wdNotify version.

Download wdTraySender here (~60KB).

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