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Friday 25 May 2018

The new European Privacy Law (GDPR / AVG)

Your Privacy

Ok, we need to write something to be in accordance with European laws.
Here is the short version: "You're OK, we don't use your data in any way we would want our data to be used".

If you are "just a visitor" on our websites

We use a third party company, used by many other companies, who uses cookies on our sites. The info we get from them is which pages you visit and if you encounter any broken links.
We use this information to see if our websites are working properly, we don't know who you are.

If you contact us

If you use our Contact Us form on our company website, we will obviously use your name/email to respond. After that we will not store or use your name/email anymore. We don't spam.

If you are a customer

Here it gets interesting.
We sell our programs (mainly) through our American reseller BMT-Micro. Some sales are through other resellers, some directly with us. In all cases we receive the information of the buyer ("you") that was entered on their website. We do not receive any credit card information!

The information we receive include your name, email and address (street, city, country). We only use your name and email to send you your license information.

When we have an important (major) update to the program you bought we send you an email. This email always has an option to unsubscribe, not receive those emails anymore. You can expect an email once or twice each year.

Third Parties

We do not sell or give your information to anyone. Obviously.

Ownership of this information

If you want to be "forgotten", email us saying so at our Contact Us form. We will remove your license information (name, email, address etc) from our customer database. Note that will also mean you won't be able to lookup your license information anymore at this page. Your license will continue to work but if you want to move it to another computer we can not help you anymore.

Questions ?

If you have further questions about this, please Contact Us.