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Tuesday 31 July 2012

Automatically copy a file to multiple directories


Perhaps I should blog a little more often. Perhaps just some questions from customers and answers from me.
Sometimes the answers are so obvious to me, but people who didn't use WatchDirectory as long as I did may find this useful.

How can I copy a file to multiple target directories?

Easy (part 1): just configure multiple Copy Files tasks.

Easy and Obvious. Another question answered. Another happy customer!!

How can I copy a file to multiple target directories in ONE process?

Oops. If you setup multiple tasks like described above, you will have multiple processes running (one for each "target directory"). Not a big problem if you want to copy to 3 or 4 targets but Windows will not like it if you need to copy to (say) 30 or 40 target directories.

Easy Answer - Alternative 1 - Sort Files

As copying files is one of the most popular uses for WatchDirectory (together with email notifications and Upload Files) we made a task especially for this.

It is called the Sort Files plugin. It is one process that monitors a directory and uses "rules" (see here) to determine where it should copy the files to. If you do not set the "final" option for a rule, the rules after it will also run, thereby allowing you to copy a file to multiple locations.

Easy Answer - Alternative 2 - Subtasks

WatchDirectory Professional (not the Standard edition) includes a plugin called the Subtask plugin. This is a more general task that can call other plugins (including "Copy Files", "Upload Files" and "Email Files") for each detected new or changed file.

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