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Sunday 25 October 2015

WatchDirectory 4.9.2 released - free update

We just released version 4.9.2 of our File Monitoring Program WatchDirectory.

New / Changed in this release

A new plugin has been added so WatchDirectory can now print PDF files directly without need for Acrobat or Foxit Reader. This works more reliable, faster and is easier to setup.

If you use WxRemote's "Last Message" option, WatchDirectory used a very inefficient method to write those LastMessage files. This has been fixed.

The Email Task can now request a read receipt. Note that this depends on the receiver's email client if those receipts will be sent.

When a task starts and it finds that its history database is corrupt, it will automatically repair this database.

Download / Install

Download the current release here. Stop all your tasks and install this new release "on top" of your current installed version so it will keep all your settings and tasks.

Sunday 18 October 2015

WatchFTP version 3.7.7 released, recommended update

Today we released a new version of our FTP Monitoring program WatchFTP.

New in this release

When "Keep FTP Session Log" and/or WxRemote's "Last Message" support is enabled, WatchFTP was using a lot of CPU causing the task to run very slow. This has been fixed and tasks run a lot faster now.

Download / Install

You can Download the latest release here. This is a free upgrade for all customers. Just install this new release "on top" of your current version so your tasks and settings are preserved.

Monday 12 October 2015

WatchDirectory v4.9.2 beta - Print PDF Files

You can now download a new beta version of WatchDirectory.

New in this beta version

This new beta includes a native plugin to print PDF files. Previously WD printed PDF files by calling Acrobat Reader of Foxit Reader to do the actual printing. This new plugin should be more reliable and work faster.

This release also checks to see if the history database is corrupt. The typical reason why it becomes corrupt is a power failure or a forced Windows shutdown. When a task is starting and it finds a corrupt database it will auto-repair it.

Download / Install

See this forum post for download and install information.