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Sunday 20 December 2009

Parlez-Vous Français? - ¿Habla usted español?

I must admit, my French and Spanish is really bad.... That is why we hired Jacob (French) and Hans (Spanish) to do the French and Spanish translations of our programs. More important: French and Spanish Support!

Currently, WatchFTP is already available in Spanish. Jacob is busy with a French translation of WatchFTP, it should be ready early 2010.

Our new File Viking program will be translated to French and Spanish as well, "really soon now". When we release v1.0 (or really soon after)

For WatchDirectory, we will start French and Spanish "slowly". A first release will have Spanish and French helpfiles and support, a later release will also have a translated User Interface.

Contact Us

We also have a new website, very much under construction at the moment. Our "Contact Us" and "Buy Now" pages will be moving to this site soon.

All our email addresses will also move to, our old email addresses will redirect to the new domain so you should not have a problem with this change.

Friday 11 December 2009

WatchDirectory on Windows Terminal Server

German language support recently did some "debugging" of WatchDirectory tasks on Terminal Server. Tasks set to run as a Windows Service didn't run properly...

He wrote a German language blogpost describing how WatchDirectory works with Windows Terminal Server. Basically, you need to make sure Terminal Server is in "Install Mode" (change user /install) when you install WatchDirectory. You already knew this, of course, it is the same for all programs you install on Terminal Server.

However, WatchDirectory and WatchFTP can also create Windows Services.... When you create (or change) a WatchDirectory/WatchFTP task so it will now run as a Windows Service (or change it from Service back to "normal") you must make sure Windows Terminal Server is running in "Install Mode", also don't forget to change back to "user mode" (change user /execute) when you're done.

More info from Microsoft is available here: Starting the installation on Terminal Server.

Saturday 5 December 2009

Just For Dummies.... (Guess that's me)

You know the book series XXX for Dummies?? (Networks for Dummies, Windows for Dummies...) I always thought it sounded quite stupid, but the books are a huge success. You know what? These books are not about Stupid, they are about Easy.

Easy does it

No, we didn't create File Viking for Dummies, but we did do something quite interesting: Programming made easy for everyone. And I feel like a dummy why I didn't think about it before... Thank you, Charles, for suggesting this. We really need your input. Charles showed us we are the dummies ;-)


We added "Pipes" to the next File Viking beta (yes, I know, that term is far to technical). The simple idea is the output of one Action is the input of a follow-up action.

For example, the ZIP files action has a zip file as output. You can configure the Email files action as a follow-up, it doesn't email the files you drop on the File Viking basket but the output of "Zip" instead - The zip file is emailed.

I have been testing this pre- pre- pre- beta-3 a few days now and can only say: this is a huge improvement over previous versions.... Charles, we owe you, thanks again!

Wow! Next Beta, Next Week! Join us!

PS, more Programming for Dummies

Yes, we will make this "programming" even better in future "1.x" releases. For example filtering comes to mind (only do this branch of the tree of actions for *.txt files)