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Sunday, 23 June 2013

Free Program - Parse filename into components - WDDirSplit

This may be of interest for bat file programmers out there. This simple command-line tool can be used to split a path ("C:\Some\Path\To\Split\File.txt") into its separate components.


"C:\Bin\WDDirSplit.exe" "C:\Some\Path\To\Split\file.txt" "C:\temp\uniquefilename.bat"
Call "C:\temp\uniquefilename.bat"
Del "C:\temp\uniquefilename.bat"

The above command will write batch SET statements for all path components to "C:\temp\uniquefilename.bat". Please note that the bat file (2nd parameter) will be overwritten if it already exists.


The contents of the generated bat file for the above command is:

rem How many components were found in path "C:\Some\Path\To\Split\file.txt"
rem WD_DP_1 has the first component ("Some"), WD_DP_2 the second...
SET WD_DP_1=Some
SET WD_DP_2=Path
SET WD_DP_4=Split
SET WD_DP_5=file.txt
rem WD_DPR_1 has the last component ("file.txt"), WD_DPR_2 the one before it..(R=Reversed)
SET WD_DPR_1=file.txt
SET WD_DPR_2=Split
rem For conveniance: WD_DP_FIRST and WD_DP_LAST
SET WD_DP_LAST=file.txt


Download WDDirSplit here (~100kb)

Sunday, 16 June 2013

10% (or even 20%) discount on all our programs

Until the end of July August 2013, everyone can get a 10% discount on our programs. Just use the Discount Code SUMMER10POFF in our webshop to get the discount.

Do you want a 20% discount??

Make a donation to the Alzheimer's association (or an Alzheimer's organization in your country) of at least $10 (or Euro) and email me (gert at gdpsoftware dot com) some kind of proof. You will receive a 20% discount code in return for your kindness.

(discounts can not be used with other discount codes)

Saturday, 15 June 2013

Automatically Upload your files to Amazon S3

We just uploaded WatchDirectory v4.7 beta 6, see this forum post.

Let WatchDirectory monitor a folder for new or changed files and Automatically upload them to Amazon S3 (Amazon Simple Storage Service). Just enter your AWS Access Key and Secret Key, select the bucket you want WatchDirectory to upload the files to, enter the folder inside the bucket and you are done. Synch to the Cloud!.