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Friday, 25 May 2018

The new European Privacy Law (GDPR / AVG)

Your Privacy

Ok, we need to write something to be in accordance with European laws.
Here is the short version: "You're OK, we don't use your data in any way we would want our data to be used".

If you are "just a visitor" on our websites

We use a third party company, used by many other companies, who uses cookies on our sites. The info we get from them is which pages you visit and if you encounter any broken links.
We use this information to see if our websites are working properly, we don't know who you are.

If you contact us

If you use our Contact Us form on our company website, we will obviously use your name/email to respond. After that we will not store or use your name/email anymore. We don't spam.

If you are a customer

Here it gets interesting.
We sell our programs (mainly) through our American reseller BMT-Micro. Some sales are through other resellers, some directly with us. In all cases we receive the information of the buyer ("you") that was entered on their website. We do not receive any credit card information!

The information we receive include your name, email and address (street, city, country). We only use your name and email to send you your license information.

When we have an important (major) update to the program you bought we send you an email. This email always has an option to unsubscribe, not receive those emails anymore. You can expect an email once or twice each year.

Third Parties

We do not sell or give your information to anyone. Obviously.

Ownership of this information

If you want to be "forgotten", email us saying so at our Contact Us form. We will remove your license information (name, email, address etc) from our customer database. Note that will also mean you won't be able to lookup your license information anymore at this page. Your license will continue to work but if you want to move it to another computer we can not help you anymore.

Questions ?

If you have further questions about this, please Contact Us.

Sunday, 7 January 2018

WatchFTP version 4.1 Released

4.1.0 (January 7, 2018)
  • Fixed: Connecting with new versions of WS_FTP SFTP servers failed.
  • Improved: When you use Keep Session Log for debugging issues, those logs could get very large. Logs older than a few days are now zipped (and deleted after 7 days).
  • Improved: On the Advanced Settings you can now set a timeout for WatchFTP to connect, previously WatchFTP would always abort after 20 seconds.
  • Fixed: WatchFTP would ignore all files/directories with names starting with a ".". By default WatchFTP will still ignore those but you can now tell WatchFTP to process those files on Advanced Settings.
  • New: Create local directories early. Older WatchFTP releases created local (Windows) directories as soon as they were detected on your FTP server. Version 4 only creates those directories when needed (for a file to download). You can now set an option to restore the old behavior.

This is a Free Upgrade for everyone who has a "version 4" license. Basically everyone who bought after May 1, 2016.

Just install this new release "on top" of your current version so it keeps all your tasks and settings.

Thursday, 30 November 2017

20% Discount on all our programs and upgrades

We didn't do anything on Cyber-monday and got complaints ;-)

20% Discount on our programs during December 2017

What should we name this? December-Discount, sounds a bit dull. Anyway, use the discount-code DECEMBER in our webshop to get an immediate 20% discount on new licenses for our programs. This also applies to Upgrades to WatchFTP version 4.

Tuesday, 20 June 2017

WatchFTP version 4 released - Reminder

In case you missed our newsletter or previous blogs about the new release of our FTP monitor program WatchFTP, this quick reminder.

  • See what's new here
  • Owners of older (version 3) license(s), check if your upgrade is free.
  • Only 10 days left (until July 1st, 2017) until the upgrade price will be $49 per license, get it now for just $29 per license.

Sunday, 4 June 2017

WatchDirectory v4.9.5 released

We just released a new version of our File System Monitor WatchDirectory. This is a free upgrade for all customers. Just install the new evaluation version "on top" of your version and it will automatically see your tasks and licenses.

New/Fixed in this release

  • Fixed: WatchDirectory crashed on (some) Asian language systems.
  • Improved: The new System.Mail now allows you to connect to SMTP servers without username/password.
  • Improved: The Print PDF task has several new settings.
  • Fixed: The email reports of the Audit task weren't properly sent at 6am.
  • Fixed: Large file uploads by the FTP task didn't properly report their progress.
  • Improved: The Unzip task now supports password protected zips.

Friday, 26 May 2017

WatchFTP v4.0.2 released

Just to let you know we released an important update for WatchFTP.


In some cases (mostly when connecting to an SFTP server), WatchFTP failed to connect to the server. This has been fixed.


Download this new release here. Install it "on top" of your current version so it will keep your settings and tasks.


When you are ready to buy, visit our webshop to get a license. If you already own a previous version, your upgrade may be free, see Upgrade to WatchFTP v4

Sunday, 7 May 2017

WatchFTP version 4 released

New in this major WatchFTP version 4 release

Private Key Support       Use a Private Key (PuTTY or OpenSSH format) to login on SFTP sites.
Dynamic Naming       You now have full control which name/location is used for downloaded files. For example, download to
Multithreaded Downloads       WatchFTP can now download multiple files concurrently.
Task Groups       There is a new menu that allows you to show "All Tasks (Ctrl+0)", "Running Tasks (Ctrl+1)" or "Stopped Tasks (Ctrl+2)".
Create your own task groups if you have a lot of tasks.
...and a lot more...       Support for the latest encryptions on secure connections.
The Email Action can now email different people depending on the location of detected files.
Lots of small other improvements...


Download this new release here. Install it "on top" of your current version so it will keep your settings and tasks. You can try WatchFTP free for 30 days.


When you are ready to buy, visit our webshop to get a license. If you already own a previous version, your upgrade may be free, see Upgrade to WatchFTP v4.

Saturday, 22 April 2017

WatchFTP v4 final beta

On our forum we have uploaded the last beta for the new major release of WatchFTP.

New in version 4

  • Private key support for SFTP connections.
  • Task Groups - This will come in handy if you run a lot of tasks.
  • Dynamic Naming for downloaded files - for example download your files to C:\Downloads\{filetitle}_{dt:year}{dt:month}{dt:day}.{extension}
  • Support for the latest encryption algorythms on secure connections.
  • Multithreaded downloads - download several files at once.


Visit the Beta Forum for the download and more information.

Friday, 6 January 2017

WatchFTP 3.8.0 released - Free Upgrade

We just released a new version of our FTP Monitor Program WatchFTP. If you already own a license, this is a free upgrade. Just install the new version "on top" of your current install.

What's New

If you use a secure connection to your FTP site and use Passive mode to connect (the default), you can now enable the new option "Force Host IP". Here the explanation from the WatchFTP help file:

When you use a secure connection all commands and responses between WatchFTP and the FTP server are encrypted. When the FTP server is behind a NAT router, the router can not translate the internal IP addresses (typically 192.168....) to externally accessible IP addresses so they remain unchanged in the FTP response lines to WatchFTP.
When this option is set, WatchFTP will ignore the (unaccessible) IP addresses in the server's responses and always uses the IP address of the FTP server itself.

Friday, 19 August 2016

WxRemote version 1.9.2 released (free update)

We just released a new version of our program WxRemote, our program to remotely control your WatchDirectory and WatchFTP tasks. We highly recommend you install this free update.

Fixed in this release

There was a memory leak in the WxConnectionManager and WxListener components. This leak would only show if you had logging disabled. Furthermore, "Check for Updates" did not work properly.

Download the new release here.

30% Discount

For a limited time, until the end of September, you can buy WxRemote with a 30% discount. Use the discount-code WXPROMO in our webshop.

Thursday, 21 July 2016

WatchDirectory v4.9.4 released

We just released another free update for our program WatchDirectory. To update, download the evaluation version from our website, stop all your tasks and install this new release "on top" of your current install. That way, all your settings, license info and tasks are kept.

New in this release

  • Improved: Updated the supported encryption methods for the FTP Upload plugin.
  • Improved: When you let the Email task combine multiple emails, there is a new setting to prevent the same file being attached multiple times.
  • Improved: The Print PDF task has a new option to set the print orientation (Portrait or Landscape).

The installer now uses a new so called SHA256 code signing certificate. Our older installers used a so-called SHA1 certificate. Older Windows versions (for example Windows XP) do not recognize the new certificate and may give you a warning that the certificate is corrupt. You can safely ignore that message.

Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Email alert for empty folders

A customer asked how he can setup our program WatchDirectory to notify him when a folder is created and no files are present after a few hours.
WatchDirectory is typically used to detect new files or folders so this requires a little scripting to get right.

Setup the Email task

Create a new task based upon the Email Plugin. Use something like "Folder %WD_FILE_N% is empty after 2 hours" as the subject and "%WD_FILE% is empty" somewhere inside the email body.
%WD_FILE% is replaced with the full path (C:\Some\Folder) of the new directory, WD_FILE_N by the directory name without its path (just "Folder"). See Variables for all variables you can use.

For the Monitoring Method select File Age, let it trigger for files (it also does directories) older than 120 minutes. Make sure to check the option "Remember triggered files" unless you want to receive multiple alerts as the folder gets older and older.

On Events only select "DIRNEW" - to detect folders, we are not interested in files.

The Script that actually checks for empty folders

WatchDirectory can not do everything for everyone just by installing but it has amazing ways how you can customize its functionality with little scripts. In this case the customer wants to receive a notification when a folder is empty after X hours, something not directly supported ("build in") by WatchDirectory.

On Filter Events you can add several standard filters to prevent triggering the WatchDirectory task (for example, the file or directory must match "Customer_*.txt"), for this case we need a filter script (a .bat file).
Here is the script to use in this case:

rem filter script that checks if a detected "new" directory is empty
rem "new" in quotes because WatchDirectory triggers using the File Age
rem monitoring method for directories that are 2 hours old.
rem When the directory is empty, the task should trigger an email.
rem If the directory contains one or more files, no email should be sent.

rem %WD_...% variables are explained here: 
rem File Age Monitoring:
rem Filter Scripts:


FOR %%c IN ("%WD_FILE%\*.*") DO Call :FoundFile
GOTO :NoTrigger