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Friday 30 January 2015

WatchFTP v3.7.4 released

We released a new version of our FTP Monitoring program WatchFTP.

This release fixes a problem that caused WatchFTP to use the LIST command instead of the (more reliable) MLSD command to get directory listings from the FTP server.

Download / Install

You can Download the new version here. Stop all your tasks and the WatchFTP Control Center and install the new version "On Top" of your current install. There is no need to uninstall your current version first.

Thursday 29 January 2015

Call a script to set the subject of an email

The $CALL$ Macro

We just uploaded a new beta for WatchDirectory that has a very nice new feature: The $CALL$ macro which allows you to set (part of) the subject and/or body text of your emails.

This new feature allows you to call a batch script and use its "output" inside your emails.

Example: add the word "Error" to the subject when detected files contain the word "Error"

You could use the following text for the email subject:

$CALL:C:\Scripts\GetSubjectPrefix.bat$ detected file %WD_FILE_N%

The task will call the above script and will set all Environment Variables related to the detected file. Below is the GetSubjectPrefix.bat script:

rem use the FINDSTR command to look for the string Error inside the detected file
FINDSTR /I "Error" "%WD_FILE%"
IF %errorlevel% EQU 0 GOTO :ErrorFound
GOTO :ErrorNotFound



The download for this beta is available on our forum.