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Monday 18 May 2015

WatchFTP v3.7.5 released - Free Update

We just released a new version of our WatchFTP program. This is a free update for our customers, just install this new version "on top" of your current WatchFTP install so it will keep its settings and tasks.
You can download the new version here.

New & Fixed

  • The option to remove empty FTP directories did not work for some FTP servers.
  • Better support for OpenVMS FTP servers.
  • When a download fails halfway, WatchFTP will reconnect and try to resume the download.
  • When you have a task that deletes FTP files after several hours and the file is downloaded a second time (because it has changed), the delete will be delayed again.

Monday 4 May 2015

WatchDirectory v4.9.1 released - free update

We just released a new version of our Directory Monitor program WatchDirectory. This is a free update for all our customers, just download the evaluation version here and install it "on top" of your current install so it will keep all your settings and tasks.

New & Fixed

A serious issue was fixed for the Folder Size task. For some settings it didn't scan subfolders which caused wrong calculations for the total size of files.

New/improved is that you can use the $CALL$ macro to dynamically get the recipients for emails.