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Monday 13 October 2008

WatchDirectory Customer - Volvo Ocean Race

I was watching the news on television a few days ago, and there was an item about the Volvo Ocean Race. Knowing they are a customer, I asked them how they use WatchDirectory.
Here is Andrew's reply.

I work on a yacht race.. the Volvo Ocean Race, and we have 8 yachts racing currently in our event. The yachts transmit movies and images back to our headquarters, via satellite, whilst they are racing.

These files can arrive at any time, and I use WD for monitoring each yachts inbox, and when a new file arrives it moves the files to an approval queue.

Once the material has been approved, it is moved to another directory, and then WD again takes over and moves the files to FTP boxes, sends them to our picture editor, or passes them to our in-house TV team. All through these stages, I also use WD to trigger email alerts.

Because of the 24/7 nature of the event, WD is ideal.

In all I think I now have 58 WD processes running, and as I think of more things I can do with it, I add more software.

The next time you see the Volvo Ocean Race on television, remember you see WatchDirectory at work ;-)

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