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Saturday 4 May 2013

Free Program - SlowCopy

For those people who think their computer and network is too fast, here is a little commandline program to slowly copy a file. You typically use it to prevent hogging the network performance when copying large and/or many files.

By default it works by inserting short delays (a few milliseconds) after reading/writing a chunk of the file. Download it here.

SlowCopy [-i 0] [-b 16384] [-p 5] [-e 0] [-o[n]] source-file target-file
-i seconds
   Before doing anything, sleep this many seconds. Defaults to 0 (zero).
-b bytes
   Read/Write files this many bytes at a time. Defaults to 16384 bytes.
-p milliseconds
   Pause this many milliseconds after each write. Defaults to 5 milliseconds.
-e seconds
   Pause this many seconds after the file is copied. Defaults to 0 (zero).
   Will overwrite the target-file if it exists (otherwise aborts).
   Will overwrite the target-file if it exists only if source is newer.
   The file to copy.
   The new file to create. Directories are created as needed.

If SlowCopy is called using WatchDirectory you can use {Dynamic Naming} for the
target file