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Friday 2 May 2008

WatchFTP Beta

We started with a new Windows program called WatchFTP.

This program monitors an FTP site and automatically downloads new and changed files. After downloading, you can choose from several additional "actions" to perform on these files. Currently there are 2 actions you can choose from:

  1. Send an Email - to notify you of these new files
  2. Start a batch script - to do some "post processing" on the files

Obviously our WatchDirectory program, that monitors Windows folders for new/changed files, is a perfect companion to WatchFTP - or perhaps it is the other way around ;-)

This WatchFTP program is currently in Beta, we expect to release it one or two months from now - somewhere in June. If you can't wait and want to help during the beta period, please drop an email to support at WatchFTP dot com.


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