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Friday 23 May 2008

WatchDirectory 4.5.3

We just released a new version of WatchDirectory - v4.5.3.
New in this release:
  • New: Compatible with Windows 2008 Server.
  • Update: The previous release of the FTP plugin introduced NOOP commands to keep the connection alive. Some FTP servers have trouble with this option, so this release makes them optional.
  • Update: The "Fast Monitoring Method" would sometimes report the so-called "short filename" (file~01.txt), depending how the file was created. This new version will try to convert short filenames to their "long" equivalent.
  • Update: Added support for the new eventlog format of Windows Vista and 2008 to the Audit plugin.

Special thanks to "Jobey" who alerted us that WD would not start on Windows Server 2008. We would have found out ourself (just yesterday we added a Windows 2008 computer to our test-farm), but we did not intend to test WatchDirectory on it until the next release (originally planned at least a month from now).

Download the new release from this page. Install it in the same directory as your current install so it will "see" your current tasks and settings.
This release, like all 4.x releases, is a free update for all WatchDirectory customers with a 4.x license key.

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