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Thursday 27 October 2011

Walk to end Alzheimer's

I just saw this link on facebook, there are no walks in Holland...

There is one terrible thing on earth that should bind us all together. It is not white against black, Muslims against Christians, Arabs against Jews, "left wing politics" against "right wing politics"....

It is a terrible disease that can affect all of us or the people we love.

It should be All Of Us against Alzheimer's. Next year I will again give my February income to (or to the Dutch ). Yes I am cheap, the shortest month of the year.

Can you perhaps spare an hour, day or month of your income to fight Alzheimer's? Everything helps and who knows, you may be helping your parents, yourself or your children.

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Printing said...

"Although there is currently no way to cure Alzheimer's disease or stop its progression, researchers are making encouraging advances in Alzheimer's treatment, including medications and non-drug approaches to improve symptom management. When physicians develop treatment plans, they often consider cognitive and behavioral symptoms separately."