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Thursday 16 July 2009

WatchDirectory 4.5.9 released

We just released a new WatchDirectory version - another free upgrade for all WatchDirectory version 4 customers.

Changes in this release

  • Fixed: The tip window sometimes caused the WD Control Center to crash at startup
  • New: The Auto Copy plugin can now MOVE files. When you move files on the same disk, this is faster than copy followed by delete.
  • New: The Folder Size plugin writes a timestamp and filename of deleted/moved files to <Task Directory>\<Task Name>\removedfiles_YYYYMMDD.csv. These files are automatically removed when they are a month old.
  • New: The Folder Size plugin can check for several new "events"
  • Fixed: The "Last Message" column of the WatchDirectory Control Center was not always updating properly
  • Fixed: The Auto UNZIP task now supports far larger files (tested with a 2GB zip containing an 8GB file)
  • Fixed: The Auto ZIP task now supports far larger files (tested up to 8GB)
  • Fixed: The Auto Copy option to remove directories when they become empty in some cases also removed the monitored directory.
  • New: The thumbnail plugin can now be used as a SubTask in the SubTask plugin
  • New: The thumbnail plugin has a new option to prevent overwriting existing thumbnails
  • New: You can set the "color" of a task. If you have a lot of tasks, this allows you to organize them in different "groups". Give a task one of 6 colors using the "right click" context menu. You can sort the tasks by color by clicking the header in the WD Control Center. You can select all tasks having the same color using the new "Colors Toolbar".
  • New: When you let the email plugin combine emails, you can now set the separator between emails yourself.
  • New: Use CTRL+F (or View -> Find) to find and select tasks.
  • Fix: The Automatically Start any Program plugin did not properly set the environment variable WD_REASON when a new directory was detected.

How to install

Stop all your WD tasks, stop the WD Control Center. Now install the new version in the same location as your previous installed version (overwrite it).
This will keep all your settings and tasks intact.


Download Here (English) or Here (German).

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