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Sunday 19 July 2009

SkunkWorks - New Program, New Name, Contest, Testers.....


We are currently working on a new program. Functionality is going great so far but we have a strange problem ;-) More on that further down below...

The Program

So far our programs WatchDirectory and WatchFTP concentrated on doing things automagically. This new program is different.
It allows you to select files (in Windows Explorer, for example), add these files to a "basket" (an icon floating above explorer) and then perform "actions" on those baskets. A few actions we are currently implementing:

  • COPY - copy the files dropped into the basked to a pre-configured directory.
  • MOVE - same as copy, but move the files instead.
  • EMAIL - email the files to a pre-configured email address.
  • FTP - upload the files to an FTP server.
  • BATCH (you already knew this was coming, I guess ;-) - Run a script for each of those files - program your own action.
  • YourIdea - we are always interested to hear from you.

The Name

So... if you read the above... any idea for a good name? There are a few important features the name must have:

  • English - our biggest market.
  • Web - the name must be available.
  • Attractive/Mysterious - if the name wows people who see it, making them curious, that would be great!
  • Not offensive - need I explain this?
  • File - it would be great if it has the word "file" in its name.
  • Short - not as important as the above, but shorter names are easier to type (url in webbrowsers).

We already thought of several names (all very boring), do you know a good name? A good program name can make the difference between success or failure for a new program, so if you suggest the "winning name" to us we will compensate you for it. Beside a free copy of the program and our everlasting gratitude - a $1000 reward or 50% of the first month sales of this program - you choose!

Send an email to, use the subject "SKUNKWORKS - Name". Tell us the program name and why you think it is a great name to use.

Beta Testers

It may take a month, maybe 2 months before we have the first beta ready, but we need beta testers for this new program. Beta testers receive a free copy when it is released, obviously. Interested?

Send an email to, use the subject "SKUNKWORKS - Beta".

Update - July 22, 2009

We just bought the domain (thank you Peter Wester) - any Vikings reading this ;-)
If you have a better idea, the contest is still open, probably until the end of the month.

Update - July 25, 2009

We just bought the domain (thank you Al Harberg). He didn't actually suggest this name but warned me about negative feelings the name Valhalla/Walhalla might cause.

Am I sure about FileViking? I think some ancestors of mine were slaughtered by Vikings... It has been some time ago, though...

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