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Wednesday 3 December 2008

WD 4.5.6 - Run multiple tasks for the same file

New 4.5.6 release

We released version 4.5.6 of WatchDirectory a few days ago and this version has a new Plugin: Run multiple SubTasks for detected files.

Here is a copy/paste from the helpfile with some reasons why you may interested in this new plugin:

  • Less tasks to run.
    A SubTask consumes less resources (CPU, memory...) than a "real" task.
  • Less disk access.
    All SubTasks share the same file-detection of their main task.
  • Guaranteed order of execution.
    If you have multiple tasks monitoring the same directory, you can not be sure which one will detect a new file first. SubTasks will always run in the configured order.
  • Better Overview, easier maintanance.
    Ten tasks, each having ten SubTasks (10*10=100 SubTasks), are a lot easier to manage than 100 "real" tasks.
  • Overcome Operating System limitations.
    Windows™ has limits to the number of Services it can run. By combining several tasks, you prevent hitting that limit.

We have made it as easy as possible to "convert" your current tasks to SubTasks. You can "import" the settings of an existing task by selecting it from the "create new SubTask based on" drop-down. This will copy the plugin settings from the selected task.

Supported SubTasks

This release does not support all plugins to run as SubTasks, future versions will support more.


Download the new version here:
English version
German version

This is a free upgrade for all WatchDirectory 4.x customers. Install the new version "on top" of your current install so it will "see" your previous tasks/settings.

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