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Wednesday 19 November 2008

WatchDirectory 4.5.6 Beta 2 - Combine Tasks

We have a new beta of WatchDirectory available with an exciting new feature:
Run multiple SubTasks - a way to do multiple "things" for a detected file.
It is only the most requested feature, and now we have implemented it.

Not all plugins are currently supported by the "Run Multiple Plugins" task. We will make more plugins capable to run as a SubTask in future releases. Also note that currently, a SubTask can not (directly) use the output-file of an earlier SubTask. We have great plans for this new plugin for future releases and we are open for suggestions.

After you have installed this beta and create a new task, you can find the plugin on the "Other plugins" tab.

Make sure to read the help for this plugin!

Visit our beta forum for the download.


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