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Thursday 30 November 2017

20% Discount on all our programs and upgrades

We didn't do anything on Cyber-monday and got complaints ;-)

20% Discount on our programs during December 2017

What should we name this? December-Discount, sounds a bit dull. Anyway, use the discount-code DECEMBER in our webshop to get an immediate 20% discount on new licenses for our programs. This also applies to Upgrades to WatchFTP version 4.


Vic said...

One of the DC servers is running Watch Directory version 4.6.6 on a 2008 win server OS, the server is being upgraded to win server 2016 VM, is the ability to upgrade to 4.9.5 available and what will be the cost? Or would it be better to purchase the pro version as the upgrade jump from 4.6.6 could potently be problematic? Thank You, Vic

Gert said...


To start using the current version of WD, just install the evaluation download "on top" of your current install. It will keep your settings/tasks and license info.
As you have a v4.x license, it will still be valid for the current release.