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Wednesday 16 December 2015

WatchDirectory v4.9.3.E released

A week ago we released version 4.9.3 of WatchDirectory. The last few days we released a few "micro updates" with small fixes and enhancements. Those micro updates do not show when WatchDirectory performs a "check for updates" so if you installed version 4.9.3 when it was released, you may want to install the current update (released today).

New since version 4.9.2

  • The new Print Pdf plugin has a new option to control how documents are resized (or not).
  • Dynamic Naming did not work properly for the new Print Pdf plugin.
  • The Print Pdf plugin does not add "GdP Software PrintPDF" to document names anymore.
  • The Auto ZIP plugin will retry after 10 seconds if one of the files to be zipped is locked.
  • Some (harmless) debugging code removed from Print PDF.
  • On some systems the "Auto Repair" of the history database did not work, the new release fixes this.

Download / Install

Download the current release here. Stop all your tasks and install this new release "on top" of your current installed version so it will keep all your settings and tasks.

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