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Saturday 7 February 2015

WatchDirectory version 4.8.9 released

We just released version 4.8.9 of our folder monitoring program WatchDirectory. This is a free update if you currently have another v4.x version installed.

New & Fixed in this release

  • New: Use the $CALL$ macro in email tasks to dynamically set the subject and/or body of your emails.
  • Improved: If you use {dynamic naming}, the {drive} variable will now be set to the \\server\share name when monitoring a network share.
  • Improved: The System.Mail (wdPostman) program has been optimized to perform better when combining large numbers of emails.
  • Improved: The Upload to Amazon S3 task handles large files a lot better. It will also automatically retry several times when the http-connection is lost during a transfer.
  • Improved: The Upload to S3 plugin now allows you to select the end-point of your AWS server.
  • Improved: You can now import backups even while tasks are running (you can not import running tasks).
  • Fixed: The WatchDirectory Control Center crashed when you didn't install the help files and tried to create a new task.
  • Fixed: Inlining more than 9 images (using cid:image-root.10) in an html email did not work.

Download & Install

Download the new release here. Stop all your tasks and install this new version "on top" of your current release so it will keep all your settings and tasks.

1 comment:

Unknown said...

I am interested in Downloading files from AWS S3. I noticed your new release only talks about uploading files. Will WatchFTP listen to a bucket on S3 and download the files?