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Sunday 29 December 2013

WatchDirectory v4.7 Released

We just released a new version of WatchDirectory. This is a free upgrade for all WatchDirectory v4 customers.

Changes in this release

  • New: A new implementation of the System.Mail component which allows secure SMTP connections (SSL or TLS). In case of compatibility issues, you can still use the old (v4.6 and earlier) implementation.
  • New: The dynamic function {code{dllname,parameters}} now also allows you to call a batch script.
  • New: {isoweek} and {isoyearweek} tags.
  • New: A plugin to automatically upload to Amazon's Simple Storage Service (also known as Amazon S3), see the Amazon Upload plugin.
  • New: An easier to use Task History Viewer. The original viewer is still included and you can select which one to start in options.
  • Improved: The Copy task has 2 advanced options: "Slow Copy" to prevent overloading your network and "Paranoid Copy" that checks each bit after copying.
  • Improved: The FTP plugin automatically resumes the upload when it is interrupted.
  • Fixed: Better support for Win2000 and Win2003

Download / Install

The download is available here. If this is an upgrade from an older version, just install this new release "on top" of your current install so it will keep all settings and tasks.

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