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Monday 28 January 2013

WatchFTP version 3.4 released

We just released version 3.4 of WatchFTP, our Automatic Download program.

New in this release

  • The "filter directories" window now supports wildcards (* and ?)
  • The "filter directories" window now also has an option to tell which directories to download. Previous versions only allowed you to tell which directories should NOT be downloaded.
  • You can now Copy a task (Right-click the task, select Copy).
  • The File menu has a new option to Create Backup of the selected task(s).
  • The File menu has a new option to Restore task(s) from a backup.

Free Upgrade

This is a free upgrade for all WatchFTP customers. If you currently run version 1 or 2 you will need a new (free) license key. You can lookup your license info here.

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