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Sunday 5 August 2012

WatchDirectory v4.6.7 released

We just released a new version of WatchDirectory, see the list of changes below. All customers who have a v4 license key can upgrade for free by installing the current evaluation version "on top" of their current install. Download it from our webpage.

  • Improved: When using the Scheduler, QUIET events were not handled properly.
  • New: The FTP Upload task has a new "Strict" option for Passive connections. This helps when the FTP server lies (!!) about its IP address in response to the PASV command.
  • Improved: Small improvements to the ZIP component preventing it to hang on illegal filenames.
  • New: UTF-8 support for the email component. This is now the new default for message encoding when you create a new email task.
  • Improved: Implemented "Clear Command Channel" for FTPS protocols
  • Fixed: The Upload Files task will now retry to connect when it receives a 40425 error
  • Fixed: The Environment variable WD_FILE_E was not properly set for files without extensions
  • Fixed: WatchDirectory crashed (or just didn't work) on Vista and Windows-7 when not running as an Administrator
  • Improved: The WatchDirectory Control Center is more efficient (cpu and resources)
  • New: Filter Events can now also filter with bat scripts for complex filter situations.
  • New: A new plugin to Remove the Oldest Files from a Directory: Use it to delete old log files while keeping the 10 newest.
  • New: The Zip File task can now be used as a Subtask.
  • Fixed: The task that Upload Files to an FTP Server would send false email warnings when renaming files.

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