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Monday 10 January 2011

WatchDirectory v4.6.5 released

We just released a new version of WatchDirectory. New in this version:

  • New: WatchDirectory Services will now "Delay Load" on systems that support it.
  • New: Hide a task from WxRemote.
  • New: The Folder Size plugin allows you to set how often it should email.
  • Fixed: Tasks that create directories always created them without any permissions. Now those directories are created with default permissions.
  • Fixed: The Control Center and Tasks loaded very slow on some systems with Intel based RAID.
  • Fixed: Tasks will not write to the Windows Event log anymore.
  • Fixed: The Polling and File Age monitoring methods will not wake up the computer anymore.
  • Fixed: The Upload task has been improved so it handles closed connections better.

You can download the new version from our download page.

This release is a free update for all v4.x customers. Just install it "on top" of your current version so it will keep your settings and tasks.

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