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Sunday 5 December 2010

Thank You America

Giving Back a Little

GdP Software is a Dutch (Holland) company, but most of our customers are from the USA. At least 50% of our profits is from sales to US customers.

Earlier we supported a little kid in Serbia and a Good Cause in Australia.

We understand we are not alone in this world.

The United States

I read what Google is doing for American troops abroad, free telephone calls to their family during the Christmas season. I was touched.

America has always been on the frontier for democracy. You have saved most of Europe in the second world war. You saved us again with the Marshall plan.

As a little Thank You to America, GdP Software donated $1000 to Blue Star Families (they also appreciate $10 donations, by the way).

Gert Rijs
Owner of GdP Software


Rosemary said...

Thanks, Gert.

Unknown said...

Well done, Gert.

Mitchell Vincent said...

A great lead to follow - I just matched your donation.

I urge others to do the same if they can!

Stephanie Himel-Nelson said...

Gert, your generosity moved me to tears earlier this evening. Thank you so much for your support of military families. It means more than you know.

Thank you,
Blue Star Families

Gert said...

Wow Mitchell, that's great! I hope it will inspire lots of people to donate as well.
@Stephanie: I watch the news in Holland. They talk about "America does this and that in Afghanistan, Iraq...". Nobody ever mentions the individual soldiers or their family. I think it is great what BSF is doing.

Obviously, the same thank you for all other troops who rescued Europe (the British, Canadian, Polish, Russian, Australian....).

Also, a big Thank You to Dutch troops currently in foreign countries. You are all Heroes!

Pamela said...

Thanks again for your donation, Gert! And thanks for inspiring others (Mitchell, thanks) to donate to Blue Star Families as well!

HappyCoffeeLdy said...


Just wanted to add a large thank you to for your wonderful support of our military families! We can not repay your kindness, however, with your tremendous donation, and the tremendous donation from Mitch, we can continue to do the work that we love so much, and that is to continue to support our military and their families! Thank you, thank you, so much!!!!

Tiffany @ Blue Star Families

Gert said...


> We can not repay your kindness

You and your husband already did. It is us, lazy people save at home, who should be thanking you.