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Tuesday 18 May 2010

La nouvelle beta version de watchDirectory est disponible

Nope, I didn't learn French this afternoon ;-) But read on if you are interested.

WatchDirectory 4.6.3 beta 1

  • Fixed: The Copy task ignored your "Remove Directory" setting when "Implement as Move" was selected.
  • Fixed: The Email task will now write a warning if it can not attach a detected file on the network.
  • Fixed: When emails were combined only the first email's @@@filename@@@ was processed.
  • Fixed: The Upload task did not create new directories when you used Dynamic Naming.

WatchDirectory 4.6.3 beta 2

This beta has one new fix for the Upload task: renaming files on Microsoft FTP servers failed when the new file already existed.

For the download link, please see this forum post.

And..... French language version

WatchDirectory has been partly translated into French! The user interface is still mostly English or German, depending on which language you select, but if you select French during install, all helpfiles and parts of the quick-help will now be in French.

Note that several links in the French helpfiles currently point to non-existent internet pages. Those missing pages will be created soon.

Jacob will provide French language support by email and on our new French forum.

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