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Sunday 14 March 2010

WatchDirectory 4.6.2 released

New in version 4.6.2

  • New: Print PDF files Automatically with Foxit Reader.
    Foxit can print to "Any" printer, is faster and more reliable than Acrobat.
  • New: WD_FILE_SIZE_MB and WD_FILE_SIZE_GB variables.
  • New: Email Task: When you use a file with email addresses (see Advanced Addressing) you can also set the subject and message body there.
  • Fixed: The new "Only One QUIET Event" option wasn't working properly.
  • Fixed: The FTP plugin did not shutdown properly.

This new release is a free upgrade for all "version 4.x customers", just install the current evaluation version "on top" of your current install. That way you will keep your settings and tasks.

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