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Sunday 14 February 2010

WatchFTP 2.2.6 released

New in this WatchFTP release:
  • Tasks have a new window where you can set all kind of timing related things.
  • Files bigger than 4GB would not download properly.
  • You can now let WatchFTP rename the FTP file after it has been downloaded. For example, let WatchFTP add a ".downloaded" suffix to the filename. At the same time you can tell WatchFTP never to download files with these suffixes.
  • 4 new Proxy methods, including SOCKS4 and SOCKS5.
  • When WatchFTP has trouble downloading certain files (for example because they have an illegal filename), those files are automatically added to a "blacklist" and will not be downloaded again.
  • The WF_FILE_E variable (Email and Batch file action) contained garbage when the file has no extension.
  • A memory corruption is fixed, depending on your exact settings this may have caused your WF tasks to crash.

This release is a Free Upgrade for all our WatchFTP customers. Just install this new release "on top" of your current release to keep all settings and tasks.

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