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Saturday 3 October 2009

Why I Love Microsoft

It has become a common issue to give "bad press" on everything Microsoft related, so I thought I should write about my recent experience.

Recently, one of our computers refused to install Vista Service pack 2. I called Microsoft (Yes, I had to wait a long time on the phone, yes, the "telephone menu" was annoying, yes, the music while waiting was not my taste).

First I got contact with, what I believe, was their first line support (the guy that asks you to try to reboot your computer to see if that helps). WOW! This was a good experience: I spoke to a Dutch guy (my own language), he immediately understood this issue was not "reboot-to-see-if-it-helps".

He connected me to their 2nd line support and I talked with Roy for about an hour. He was polite, very patient, and extremely helpful. The funny thing is: the issue with this computer is not resolved yet (I probably need to reinstall), but I still feel Roy helped me a lot!

Oh, I am totally off-topic on this post already, so... If you are a Developer, check out these links, The History of Visual Studio:
part 1
part 2

A really interesting story about VS, how it all started (yes, Visual Basic 1.0).

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