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Tuesday 16 June 2009 - One of our Customers is a company which sells personalized Gifts via the Internet. The personalized gifts mostly exist of a product, personalized with an image. For every order we create an order form in PDF format.

For our new website, released somewhere in 2008, we were looking for a program to automatically download the images and PDF’s and print these PDF’s on demand. From my previous internship I already knew WatchDirectory, PDF print on demand. Browsing the website of WatchDirectory I’ve noticed that they also had the program WatchFTP. So one company which solved our problems!

These images, created by the users, are automatically downloaded with WatchFTP to our local server where the gifts are created, handled and shipped. The order form PDF’s are also downloaded and printed on demand with WatchDirectory. We had some questions about tuning/configuring the products and within no time we had a reply with the solution.

In short, two top products which fit to our needs exactly.

   Niels van der Linde

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