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Friday 15 May 2009

Let us not forget...

Our Brave Soldiers

Our heroes, Captain Kroon and his troops, they serve our country while we are sleeping. Soon (May 29, 2009) Captain Kroon will be awarded for his own and his troops' bravery.

Marco Kroon, the first person in a long time (50 years) in The Netherlands to receive the most honorable honor, our most prestigious medal: the Williams Order.
Marco, and your troops, you understand this is for all of you, so: THANK YOU!

This rare honor is only awarded for the highest bravery. Sometimes (extremely rare!) it is honored to a whole regiment. Even rarer to a foreign regiment, so far this has happened only twice in hundreds of years....

Our Polish Friends: 1st Independent Parachute Brigade
Our American Friends: 82nd Airborne Division

Update - I have just seen the ceremony on TV, very impressive!

(Marco Kroon being decorated by Queen Beatrix)
If you understand Dutch, here is a short interview with our hero, this was just after he heard he will be knighted.
Update - A short clip of the ceremony (~2 minutes). With a simple slap on the shoulder, Marco is knighted - did I tell you I love traditions?

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