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Sunday 4 January 2009

WatchFTP 2.0 released

WatchFTP 2.0

A new version for WatchFTP is available.

This version has 2 major improvements:

  • A new "Task History" window that shows you all downloaded files and messages
  • An improved "download method". Version 2 will automatically download files in 2 fases:
    • Fase 1: detect files. WatchFTP scans the FTP server for new and changed files. All detected files are recorded in the task history database.
    • Fase 2: download files. All files recorded in Fase 1 are checked to see if they have changed. If they did not change during the last 30 seconds, the file is downloaded.

Free Upgrade

This new 2.0 version is a free upgrade for all current (1.x) customers. Your license key will continue to work for version 2.0, just install it "on top" of your current WatchFTP version.


English Download Page
German Download Page
Spanish Download Page

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