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Thursday 21 August 2008

WatchDirectory 4.5.5 beta + wdNotify 1.3 beta

Please note: this is a beta release!

This new beta release of WatchDirectory and WdNotify fixes an issue where WatchDirectory can not properly communicate with WdNotify.

The issue that is fixed is most noticable on Windows Vista, but earlier Windows versions with enabled Terminal Services or "Fast User Switching" could also be affected.

Furthermore, the following are "new":

  • you can set the font-size of OSD messages
  • WdNotify didn't recognize "upper-left" for OSD messages

Normally we would release this new version "immediately", but as this new release causes a few incompatibilities, it is released as a beta first.

To use this new beta, you need to download and install *BOTH* the new WatchDirectory *AND* the new WdNotify release.

See this forum post (English) or this German post for the download links.


The new WdNotify v1.3 will *not* work with previous WD versions (WatchDirectory versions 4.5.4 or below). WatchDirectory v4.5.5 will *not* work with previous WdNotify versions (WdNotify v1.2 or below).

So, when you upgrade to WD 4.5.5 (or higher) and you use WdNotify, you must also upgrade WdNotify.

Check for Updates

Please note that if you install these beta versions and a "check for update" occurs, WatchDirectory will tell you a new version is available. Please make sure to check the version-numbers carefully to make sure it actually is a new release.

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